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Revealing BNC's Model 7330 The World's Best PNT

Presented By: Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation

The Model 7330 is a compact integrated phase noise testing solution offering an indispensable set of measurement functions for evaluating signal sources ranging from 5MHz to 33GHz.

Fully turnkey, compact, and broadband with both Additive and Residual measurements. This instrument is capable of measuring some of the most difficult devices such as unstable free-running VCO, or pulsed amplifiers.


This webinar will highlight our recent advancements in features and capabilities including:

  • 5MHz to 33GHz measurements
  • Offsets from .01Hz to 100MHz
  • AM measurements (Absolute Amplitude Noise)
  • High Drift mode (ability to measure modulations and high drifting or unstable DUTs, etc)
  • Offsets from .01Hz to 100MHz
  • External Reference Tune Voltage Ranges : -5V to 20V
  • Transient Mode: possible to measure WB Frequency, NB Frequency, NB Phase, NB Power (WB/NB = Wide Band and Narrow Band).
  • Enhanced Spectrum Monitoring tool
  • Powerful VCO Characterization tool

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Date: Wednesday May 17th 2017

Time: 10:30am PST / 1:30pm EST

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